6 Reasons to Invest in a Wool Mattress Topper

Sleep, undeniably, is essential for the human body to function at its best.

No matter how good your diet or fitness regime is, every effort goes back to ground zero without quality sleep. And as an essential accessory to sleep, your bedding makes a difference.

While it’s true that even a million-dollar bed can’t buy good sleep, turning things a tad bit comfier surely helps.

Introducing a wool mattress topper to the scene can work wonders.

This post discusses six compelling reasons to invest in wool mattress toppers.

But first,

Let’s Understand What A Mattress Topper Does

A topper, wool or not, sits between your mattress and the fitted bedsheet. In essence, it alters the feel of your original mattress, turning things into a softer, thicker, and warmer version.

Are you someone who often complains of your bed being either too soft or too firm? With a mattress topper, you can keep it even.

Besides, a mattress topper also helps prevent your mattress from stains. This is helpful as not all mattresses are easy to clean by hand or toss into a washing machine. Some demand only dry cleaning, and in those cases having mattress toppers does help a lot.

The last thing you will need to know is how a mattress topper differs from a protector. At the very outset, a mattress topper is thicker than a protector. Also, protectors are generally equipped with fitted sheet components, which is not the case with mattress toppers. Instead, they just snugly slide right under your bed sheet and act as an additional layer of soft padding.

Why Do Wool Mattress Toppers Stand Out In The Market?

Here’s more on what makes a wool mattress topper the best among all-natural fibers:

  1. It promises excellent breath-ability – For starters, wool is inherently soft and dense and thus effortlessly works as a temperature regulator, wicking away moisture during the summer months and keeping things warm when it’s chilly. In short, the best of both worlds for wool mattress toppers.

  2. It is flame resistant – Wool, among all other natural fibers, is resistant to flame. Additionally, melt, stick, or drip onto the skin upon burning. In worst cases, wool being non-ignitable makes way for a self-extinguishing flame to leave behind crushable ash. Also, wool does not melt, drip, or stick to the skin when it burns.

  3. It is hypoallergenic – Contrary to what many of us would like to believe, wool doesn’t attract dust or microbes. Wool is a hypoallergenic material despite being thick, which means it repels dust mites, bacteria, and mold growth. So, if you have been struggling with allergies or respiratory disorders like asthma, a wool mattress topper can be a safe option for daily use.

  4. It offers wholesome protection for your mattress – With a wool mattress topper in the picture, you are guaranteed all-around protection for your mattress. Because we don’t invest in buying a new mattress every year, organic wool mattress toppers are a great choice as it keeps things clean and protects the original mattress from regular wear and tear. If you are lucky to get your hands on virgin wool products, you will fall in love with its natural crimp, which is resistant and supports a range of body impressions.

  5. It can help bring down stress levels – Stress is an arch nemesis to sleep and can disrupt your bedtime bliss heavily. Thankfully, a wool mattress topper can make your bed more comfortable by acting as a mid-layer so that you can get your shuteye faster and for longer durations. In essence, sleeping better will help cut down your stress, enhance your mental agility, improve physical health and lead a better life.

  6. It readily absorbs moisture – Wool mattress toppers can readily absorb moisture from our bodies; thus, when we sweat, it helps absorb any odor released. Similar to wool clothing being a good choice for layering up in winter, it works the same way for your bed. So, if you are someone who feels hot while sleeping and might break a sweat, introducing a wool mattress topper between your bed sheet and mattress can lead to a good night’s sleep.

Wrap Up

So, investing in a wool mattress topper has plenty of advantages.

Switching to a wool mattress topper can make a significant difference for those who have been complaining of sleep issues and their beds not being comfortable enough.

Things matter even more when you have a relatively new mattress, where including a topper can not only help protect it from scratches and dirt but keep it fresh and stain-free. Not to forget just how versatile they are, as you can ditch them off and put them back on, depending on the season of the year.

All you want to do is check out the product reviews before you buy a wool mattress topper, as the quality varies significantly across the market.

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