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Ampthill Castle

Ampthill Castle is located just north of the town’s central area. It was once a royal manor and palace house that was a favourite of Henry VIII. Catherine of Aragon spent a year there after her wedding to Henry VIII was annulled. The grounds of the castle are home to the Katherine’s Cross and the Ampthill Camp Memorial Cross.

It is home to a range of bars, restaurants and Waitrose supermarkets. There are a variety of independent specialty shops. Other businesses in the town include estate agents as well as financial services and hairdressers. The town also hosts an annual Remembrance Day parade with marchers from all services and civilian organizations.

A market was established in the town in 1219. It is still being held today. The town also has the sun-loving lizard. The charming old townhouses and beautiful landscape are the main draws of the town. The town is also home to the post-war street party, where local residents throw Union Jacks and other festive decorations.

Ampthill can be found along the A507 which connects it to the A6 or M1. There are frequent bus services that connect to Bedford, Flitwick, Milton Keynes, Dunstable, and other villages and towns in the vicinity. Ampthill also has a railway station, however, it was shut down in 1959.

Houghton House

Houghton House, Bedfordshire, is an Grade I listed mansion. It has stunning views from its high perch over the surrounding countryside. Houghton House is an excellent place to visit if you are interested in architecture and history.

The mansion from the 17th century was reputedly the inspiration for the ‘House Beautiful in John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress. The house blends of Classical and Jacobean styles, vehicle with some areas of the house designed by Inigo Jones. Visitors can read information panels inside the house that describe the various rooms and the history of the house.

The White Hart is a town pub serving traditional pub food. It dates back to the 18th century. The town is a major center for commerce and offers services to surrounding villages. There are many business opportunities available, including hairdressers, restaurants, and estate agents, within the bigger commercial developments that are situated along the town’s bypass. The town is situated near the cities of Luton, Milton Keynes, where there are a number of large companies.

The town can be reached by train. Flitwick railway station is 2.5 kilometers away. Thameslink manages the station and operates trains between Bedford, England and Brighton. There are a variety of places to see in Ampthill which include the Shuttleworth Collection, Houghton House, and the Stondon Transport Museum.

Ampthill Bowls Club

Ampthill is home to a renowned bowls club that is open to all. It’s located just off Brinsmade Road, which is accessible via the Kings Arms Path Gardens. The club has been in operation for 100 years , and vehicle recently celebrated its Centenary. The logo of the club is an llama, which represents the zoo which was once owned by its founder. Everyone is welcome, and children of all ages are allowed to use the bowls ‘ greens. Ampthill is the home of the Greensand Ridge Walk, and the Greensand Cycle Way. Both traverse through the town.

Ampthill Town Cricket Club was established in 1890 and has teams in the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire leagues. The town also plays an informal game with the London Zoo each year. The clubhouse is situated near the west Car Lock Repair Ampthill park. It is open to people of all people of all ages. It also has a bar and cafeteria that serves drinks.

Ampthill Town Cricket Club

Ampthill Town Cricket club has been in existence for more than a century. It hosts teams in the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire leagues. It hosts an annual friendly match with the London Zoo. This small community has a relaxed atmosphere and a vibrant community.

Every summer, the town holds an annual festival weekend. The festival features the rock music festival “AmpRocks” and other musical events. Classical music groups like the Ampthill Band and Orchestra also perform at the festival. The festival takes place in the town’s Great Park, with a temporary soundstage erected for the event.

Ampthill is located on the A507 road, which connects to the M1 and A6. Numerous bus routes operate regularly to Bedford, Flitwick and Milton Keynes. The town is also accessible by train, with regular service to London’s St Pancras. Ampthill is also located near Junctions 12 & 13 of the M1.

Ampthill Festival

Every summer the Ampthill Festival takes place over an entire weekend. It features both classical and rock music performances such as the Ampthill Park Proms or the Ampthill Rocks concert series. The concerts are held in the Great Park of the town which is where the soundstage is temporary constructed. The festival is packed with attractions and the chance to enjoy live music.

The event has long been a favorite with thousands of spectators. In the beginning Luton AC’s Tony Simmons dominated the event. The next year, a 10,000m world record holder appeared to compete. The subsequent years, the competition saw a string of winners including Liz Yelling, Paula Radcliffe, and Mo Farah. The Ampthill Trophy meetings also included the Milka Toblerone International Veterans Championships. More than 1,000 entries were submitted for the Veteran Men’s Race in 2007.

Another event that is popular is the Ampthill Gala. The event features the parade of floats that runs through the town, ending at the Ampthill Cricket Club, outside the Ampthill Great Park. The first Ampthill Festival took place in 1981, and has been held every year since then. The festival also features an annual Remembrance Day parade, featuring civilian and military marchers.

The main cross-country competition of the Bedford and County Athletic Club is also included at the Ampthill Festival. The race is open to both men and women. The Senior Cross Country race is the major event. However the finish line was obscured by the large crowd, which caused the leaders to divide into funnels. This led to quick thinking that separated the top athletes into their respective categories. In the end, Tony Simmons won a television set and the Bedford club took home the overall team award with 38 points.

Ampthill railway station

Ampthill railway station is a popular location to have your car keys cut. It was built by the Midland Railway in 1868. It was a part of the London, Midland and Scottish Railway from 1868 until 1948. The town was once a town with a market, and was inhabited by people during the Middle Ages. The town was granted its charter in 1242 from King Henry VIII, who frequently visited. In the 1880s, the town was renamed Ampthull.

The town is located on the A507 which connects Luton, Bedford, and the M1. There are regular bus services that connect to Bedford, Dunstable, Milton Keynes, and Flitwick and several smaller villages around the town. The Bedfordshire Railway and Transport Association has an effort to save Ampthill.

A lot of service businesses are situated in the town’s central area. It also has a Waitrose supermarket and many smaller, specialty businesses. Ampthill hosts a weekly beer festival and cut van car key Ampthill key Ampthill food fair in addition to various other events taking place in the town centre. Ampthill is also home to the Ampthill Theatre Company, which puts on a variety of performances throughout the year.

The new station would be farther from the hospital and would require an entirely new bridge over the River Great Ouse. However, it would be closer to Elstow Road and Ampthill Road. Additionally, it could be more beneficial to the residents in the area than the current station. The consultation is open to all residents in the area.

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