EU unanimously approves Ukraine status Become a subscriber

EU unanimously approves Ukraine status Become a subscriber

Leaders of 27 European Union countriesslot xounanimously voted candidate status to Ukraine It was a victory for the moral side against a country ravaged by war.

On June 24, 2022, Al Jazeera reported that the European Union (EU) agreed to bring Ukraine into the path of EU membership. It proceeded with unprecedented speed and harmony. to pull the country that has become a battlefield away from Russian influence. and bind them closer to the western nations

At a leaders’ summit in Brussels on Thursday, the 27 EU leaders voted unanimously. This is necessary for granting applicant status to Ukraine, although the membership process usually takes years or even decades.

The move came a day before the four-month anniversary of Russian President Vladimir Putin. It will send his troops into Ukraine for what Russia insists is not war, but “special military operations”.

Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine Tweet a thank you note and announce that “Ukraine’s future lies in the European Union.”

“Today is a good day for Europe,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen tweeted.

The EU has also given candidate status to a small country like Moldova, another former Soviet Union country. bordering with Ukraine

Ukraine has been in the EU for less than a week. After Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, Thursday’s decision was unusually quick for the EU. which has a very slow expansion approach But the war and Ukraine’s petition for a quick scrutiny This is the reason for making urgent decisions.

To obtain membership in the European Union, countries need to comply with detailed economic and political conditions. This includes a commitment to the rule of law and democracy. Ukraine must curb government corruption. and implement other reforms

European Parliament certifies candidate status to Ukraine Before the summit begins by passing a resolution calling for the EU government to move without delay and live responsibly based on history.

EU nations unite to support Ukraine’s fight against Russia with money and weapons and to introduce unprecedented economic sanctions on Russia.

However, the status of the EU member Does not automatically grant permissions to join groups. and does not immediately provide a guarantee of safety.

But when the applicant country has been granted membership status It will be subject to an EU treaty stating that if a member is a victim of an armed aggression, other EU countries are obliged to assist them by all means.

The main benefit of EU membership is the economy. It provides access to a market of 450 million consumers with free movement of labor, goods, services and capital.

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Ukraine has also expressed a desire to join NATO. But the said military alliance did not offer an invitation. This is partly due to government corruption. Defects in the Defense Workplace and borders that are in conflict

before the war Putin urges NATO not to accept Ukraine as a member He denounced Ukraine’s spreading over Russia’s east.

But at the beginning of last month He appeared to be unconcerned about Ukraine’s commitment to getting closer to the EU, saying this was not a military deal. and hence We have no arguments.

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