Shanghai orders lockdown for 2.7 million people to test for coronavirus

Shanghai orders lockdown for 2.7 million people to test for coronavirus

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Minhang County official Post a message through social networks that More than 2.7 million people in Minhang County will be under close supervision from the morning of June 11, 2022, all of them will be tested for the virus. And the lockdown will be lifted after officials collect the test results for COVID-19. from all the people in the area

However, the official did not say that What measures will be taken next if someone in the area is infected with the deadly virus? while the National Health Commission said Found a patient with COVID-19 Nine new cases in Shanghai, and no one lives in Minhang County. This raises questions in society as to why Minhang County has imposed a lockdown in spite of no new patients.

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