Make Playtime More Creative With Free Online Activities for Toddlers

Parenting is indeed a challenge and especially when you have toddlers. Making your toddlers happy and engage with something that will ensure learning is not easy. You need to experiment with new yet simple learning activities with them. 

Home learning with Free Online Activities for Toddlers will help in developing gross motor skills. If not going to elementary school or kindergarten, toddlers still need playful and educational activities like counting, reciting letters, sorting shapes or colors, etc.

Such sorting and playing tasks can be incomplete with toys, colors, and other things. So ideal is to have all stuff, which is non-toxic and kid-friendly. It even should not be that so tiny to cause choking etc. Learning activities for your little ones must be safe, and risk-free too.

Here in the blog, we will be discussing some Free Learning Activities for Toddlers that will give them a sense of recognizing with fun.

Some Amazing Activities To Enhance Learning for Toddlers Online for Free:

1. Match-Match Clothespin Color: It is easy for toddlers to sort the color, thus helps in fine motor skills and coordination. Give them clothespins of different colors to grip, pinch, and place; this will be good to give them great fun too.

2. Building Block of Paper: Wooden blocks or plastic blocks can be hard and sharp for toddlers to grip. So ideal is to create some colorful paper blocks. This will give the perfect little touch to hold them and even be weightless. Moreover, flexible building blocks to enjoy and play easily.

3. Colorful Water Experiment: This is fantastic colorful water splash learning activity for toddlers. Just task some water and mix no-harmful colors or even can go with food-grade colors. Let give your toddlers paper towels and cups filled with colored water to play with.

4. Number Challenge Activity: This will give your toddler perfect hand-eye coordination. It will also enhance their recognition skills on numbers. You can use a cardboard tube maze to make this activity for toddlers. Just put different numbers or alphabets on them and paste them inbox, then give them a pompom. The number/alphabets pompom touch should be in order like 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on.

5. Shape Hunt: Create few shapes like squares, rectangles, circles, etc. and give them to hunt the same shape you give them in everyday objects. This learning activity will allow them to recognize and find shapes, thus improve memory.

6. Word Family Home: Among many Free Learning Activities for Toddlers, you can add this, of course. Words and numbers for preschoolers are worth importance; thus, start with simple words. You can shape few words with similar sounds in the same and like run, bun, fun, sun, etc.

7. Craft Stick Names: Preschoolers do speak, often not clear, so teach them to say simple words like their name, pet names, and even similar words such as play, clay, and more. Use ice cream sticks and write few alphabets on them. Take a paper pocket/envelope, stick those sticks on them and allow them to match the same alphabet written on the paper pocket from sticks and speak as well.

The Other Learning Activity for Toddlers:

1. Muffin tin counting.

2. Sink and float experiment.

3. Monster feed.

4. Match the missing number.

5. Combine different shapes and match the similar ones.

6. Rhyming Dominoes.

7. Easy musical instrument making with DIY hacks.

8. Easy-peasy crafts.

9. Tape and Tap the shapes on the floor.

The Bottom Line:

Learning for Toddlers Online for Free is easily available for parents to search and create new activities at home. This is precisely worth developing skills for your little ones to enjoy and learn simultaneously. Preschoolers can spend playtime with little learning, sorting, etc., thus boosting hand-eye coordination, memory, and gross motor skills.

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