8 Tips to Help Design a Flexible Office Layout for a Diverse Workforce

An office layout has an immense impact on the performance of your employees. It helps create a companywide culture to support their requirements. Moreover, their mood and workplace satisfaction depend on the space provided to them.

However, it is always difficult for the management to design a layout that works for a diverse workforce. You can fulfil the requirement of every employee to provide them with the ideal workspace. However, it is possible to find a balance where the different generations, roles, and teams can work under the same roof.

How to Raise Capital to Invest in the Office Layout?

You should not consider investing in an office layout as an unnecessary expense. It will have an impact on the performance of your existing workforce. At the same time, talent acquisition will get easier because of appealing company culture.

Therefore, it is an investment to grow your business and achieve the set goals. You can raise capital through conventional methods such as investors, savings, and business loans. Try direct lenders instead of banks to avoid the lengthy process to get bad credit business loans with guaranteed approval in the UK.

Tips to Design a Flexible Layout for Business

It gets easier to design a flexible layout when you understand the requirements of the employees. You need to make sure the employees find the ideal space that supports their roles and responsibilities. Here are some tips for designing a flexible layout for businesses that provides an ideal environment for a diverse workforce.

Simplify Technology

Businesses cannot survive in the modern landscape without integrating the latest development in technology. It creates problems for the previous generation employees because of the constant learning curve. However, you can ease the transition by simplifying the technology integration.

Start with promoting the use of standard pieces of technology such as smartphones and tablets. It will help the employees manage the business solutions through a familiar platform. Also, make the transition easy with no sudden significant changes to the technology infrastructure of your established business.

Avoid Lanes

Lanes are counterproductive for the employees for numerous reasons. It creates chaos in the workspace to cause distractions while working. The employees will get irritated by their colleagues because of their habits.

Furthermore, they will lose personal space if the lanes are closely packed with employees. It may save money on the infrastructure, but productivity will take a severe hit. Therefore, invest in workstations with no more than 4 to 5 employees sharing the same space.

Separate High Traffic Areas

Certain employees work on collaborative projects that increase the traffic near their desks. While the managers often find themselves occupied with queries from their employees surrounding their desk. These are the most common high traffic areas that require separate space in your office.

Moreover, the constant rush near the water cooler or entrances is common in an office. You will cause the employees to lose their productivity or quality because of the constant distractions. Also, they will find it incredibly inconvenient to reach their desk amid the high traffic.

Quiet Place

The creative roles sometimes require a quiet place to find inspiration. Similarly, the employees with plenty of backlogs need to focus on their tasks to meet the deadline. Thus, you should provide a quiet place within the office premises to work with complete focus.

Do not confuse the quiet places with individual cabins for employees. A library is the perfect example of a space where many people share the same room without making any noise. Do not let the employees chat, use smartphones, or eat in the space to avoid losing the purpose of the room.

Call Rooms

You cannot eliminate the phone calls during work hours for employees. The sales team needs to remain in touch with the leads and existing clients to sell your product. In contrast, the other employees may use their phones to make calls during break time.

However, it gets distracting for the others if their neighbours are communicating with a loud noise or high pitch. Give the employees a separate room to use cell phones. It will help them focus on the call without privacy concerns. 

Soundproof Areas

Soundproof areas are essential to help the employees collaborate on a new project. They need a space to brainstorm ideas without constant distractions. Employees can use the space to work on their assignments in a busy workspace.

Not every employee gets involved in the long celebrations at the workspace because of some deadline. Similarly, you will need a soundproof space to meet the clients and investors for a positive impression. You can invest in a soundproof meeting room with great deals on business loans for women from direct lenders.

Adaptable Furniture

Employees often indulge in a constant struggle to find comfort on a desk not designed for their size and body type. It affects their physical health along with their performance. You will find them taking frequent breaks to relieve the stress on their body.

Thus, you should try the adaptable furniture that allows employees to adjust the setup for their preferences. Adjustable standing desks are great to provide the alternative between standing and sitting. It will help their overall well-being while trying to provide a comfortable environment to work.

Reserved V/S First Come First Serve Spaces

Reserved seats make sure the employees don’t have to fight over the sitting arrangement. Also, managers can strategically assign the desks to promote collaboration and help the new employees. However, it gets challenging to manage the dispute among the sitting arrangement amid the allegation of bias.

If the systems are portable, you can implement a first-come, first serve policy for the allocated spaces. It will improve the punctuality of the employees to come early if they want the desired desk. However, the constant struggle can result in problems between the teammates.       


To sum up, an office layout consists of different spaces with the purpose to serve the diverse workforce. You don’t want the habits of employees or their responsibilities to create problems for the other employees. Also, it is a worthy investment to boost the overall performance of the workforce and your organisation.

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