Guide to Finding the Right Influencer Marketing Agency Boston

The right influencer marketing agency is very powerful. It extends its reach to an infinite audience and is customizable beyond belief. In this current generation of customers, everyone looks up to an influencer or two on social media for recommendations on products. In this age, Instagram posts or Facebook content can dramatically increase sales, which holds even for unknown businesses.

If you own a business and are looking to increase profit by working with an influencer marketing agency, this is the post for you. In this article, we will share tips and tricks to be successful in influencer marketing and finding the right agency for you.

To be successful in finding a suitable influencer marketing agency in Boston, keep reading on.

If you are struggling to strategize an influencer marketing campaign, you are falling short of conceptualizing and managing a large scale digital marketing drive, you do not have good connections with influencers and are not sure how to draw up a workable contract then the best step forward is to find out an influencer marketing agency that does. However, the above-mentioned reasons are just some of the reasons why you should.

You need to be very careful with the choice of an agency because there are many of them. You may be overwhelmed by your options, but you need to be sensible enough to choose the right one for you. Hiring a suitable influencer marketing agency can be quite a game-changer for your business. Keep the below-mentioned factors into consideration as you choose an influencer marketing agency.

  • Experience in previous campaigns

Experience is an important indicator along with being the best teacher when choosing an influencer marketing agency. But what kind of experience should you be looking for. Well, marketing is all about creating campaigns. As you select an agency, carefully take into account their experience in creating and managing campaigns that are effective and involve influencers.

Get answers to the following questions from your shortlisted agencies,

  • For how long have they been executing influencer marketing campaigns?
    • What sets their campaigns apart from the other ones?
    • How do they strategize and manage unique and creative campaigns?
    • Why do they think unique and creative campaigns are important?
    • Do they have examples of past campaigns which exceeded expectations of their clients and gained huge ROI?
    • Do they have genuine client testimonials?

You will want to hire an agency that does not only delivers but also have the capability to drive and help you strategize as per your campaign goals to help you achieve your campaign targets.

  • Data-driven approach

Creating proper campaigns is the primary job of an influencer marketing agency. The difference in the effectiveness of a campaign determines the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful influencer marketing agency. A campaign that can attract customers is termed effective. A data-driven approach crafted out of analysis on the types of content and visuals preferred by your target customers can make your campaign effective.

Ask these questions to the probe agency to validate the above.

  • How do they measure campaign metrics?
    • Are they using reliable measuring tools?
    • Do they have to measure mechanisms for the type of your goals (eg. reach, impressions, engagement)?
    • What will they include in the report?
    • Will they be able to accommodate other measurements as required?
    • How will they determine if a campaign is successful?

Take a good look at how the agency measures and tracks the metrics. The metrics may change in different stages of the campaign. Check if they can accommodate your measuring indices and get more stats for your convenience. For a successful campaign, you will need an agency that has a strong emphasis on the metrics and understand the requirement of stats and data.

  • Powerful relationships with influencers and past clients

Influencers are the deciding factor in an influencer marketing agency’s fate. Well, they are called influencers because of their influence. Positive comments and reviews from influencers can keep your old customers coming back and attract new ones. At the same time, an under-par comment from an influencer can do more harm, than good for your business. Always choose an agency that has very close working relationships with its influencers.

Ask these questions to the potential agencies,

  • How many influencers do they have connections with?
    • What are the niches to which the influencers belong?
    • Do they have a diverse range of influencers to choose from?
    • Are they willing to do outside of their existing network to hire a suitable influencer?
    • What do the influencers say about their agency?

An influencer marketing agency should also maintain close working ties with its clients. The best way to find out whether or not an agency is good is to get their effectiveness reviews from their previous clients. If their clients have had positive experiences and are all praises about the agency means a good thing.

These were just some of the considerations to keep in mind as you choose an influencer marketing agency in Boston. Consider the above carefully and choose wisely to make your campaign fruitful.

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