Unique Superbowl Activation Spaces or Platforms – Explained in Detail

In the year 2020, putting up a game on the field, court or rink was not sufficient anymore. Fans were looking out for a better and more engaging experience – the one, which was digital and mobile to match up their present habits.

However, increasing the experience of fans via unique superbowl activation spaces was the only way out. However, it requires serious effort, thought and creativity.

To assist one break down few of the top class options, here is our in dept evaluation of some of the unique superbowl activation spaces.

Digital photos booths and communicative fan engagement kiosks

How does it function: Present day’s digital photo booth has various advanced features. Animated GIF functionality and customized backdrops are few of the most popular. And as one’s selfie nowadays is already available in a digital format, it can be shared, posted and linked across all social media channels instantly. An interactive or communicative engagement kiosks take this specific concept a step ahead. Owing to their strategic placement, they deliver one of the best aspects of the next generation booths, with sometimes also displaying snaps on LED screens.

For instance, When Dallas Cowboys began with their season in the year 2019, fans walking to AT&T stadium found kiosks that permitted them to choose 5 of their preferred Cowboy players, who afterwards stepped in the frame digitally to take a group photograph, which appeared remarkably real. Blending in the digital and physical worlds together for creating a world class experience, the activation was known as ‘Pose with Pros’.

Analysis: Digital photo booths & their offshoots convert self portraits into an elaborate display for numerous social channels. They mostly appeal to the young demographics that mostly favor such experiences highly while monetizing their accumulated data. It is one of the best superbowl activation spaces, one can engage with.

LED flooring

How does it function: Similar to LED banners, even LED flooring cater an the best opportunity to display monograms, logos, photos and others. However, dissimilar to the former, latter aims at drawing fans’ attention to same point in arena that sponsor wishes them to view, whether pictured in a breezeway or removal stage. To precisely mention, it is a real attention grabber. The LED flooring even is simple to install & remove before & after the event. Additionally, LED tiles are lit individually or utilized for creating the whole stage.

For instance, in the course of 2019, NBA weekend, Mountain Dew premiered a Courtside studio, which is an interactive fan experience base that served music, style and hoops. Highlight was a communicative basketball court, which pictured a different aspect than LED. The back wall offered a good resolution canvas for content & continued down alongside the flooring. Once the fans stepped up for the regulation hoop, moving ring lighted up on the flooring to show where to take the relevant shot. Court later converted into stage for live Migos performance.

Analysis: Upsides are clear. It is a medium to capture entire attention of the present crowd in a short while. It is a chance to ideate on the interactive visual animations that are customized completely for sponsor. As mentioned before, it is eye catchy for fans too. Biggest drawback is one can just use the same for a short while.

Beacon technology

How does it function: Marketers see beacon technology as a medium to drive responsive mobile customer experiences, which thrills the fans in the sports stadium & secure their loyalty. The bluetooth powered type of proximity marketing contains the capacity to deliver a geolocated personalized deal & messaging. As an outcome, it is eclipsing geofence based push businesses. Apart from providing fans a location based help & overall procedure simplification, beacons can get the advantage of sponsors via delivery of real time and contextual info. Also, there is a vast potential in reference to value added engagement.

For instance, NFL leveraged beacons at the Time Square and Metlife stadium for the occasion of superbowl to deliver a hyper personalized messaging & advertising through NFL mobile application. Particularly, the alerts sent through such beacons contained messages that were directing iPhone owners to merchandise, shorter concessions lines and NFL exhibits. It is marked one of the boldest test for technology.

Analysis: Beacons can act as an asset in case the teams and/or venues do not have their own specific applications for creating a push notifications. However, it is slightly restricted in its potential if the fans are not on WIFI or if they do not have their bluetooth turned on. Also, fans can find it intrusive. In the year 2018, Global market insights stated beacon technology market is set to overcome $ 25 billion by the year 2024. Thus, it can be said, the technology contains a lot of advantages and can contribute to the evolution of superbowl activation spaces in the upcoming years.

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