Official passports are given to individuals holding strategic status or deputed by the Government of India for true obligation abroad. Typically applications for Official visas are engaged distinctly at the Consular, Passport and Visa (CPV) Division, Patiala House, New Delhi.

Key Passport 

All Indian Foreign Services and the Ministry of External Affairs (MoEA) officials voyaging abroad on true business.

Individuals holding discretionary status. 

Authorities deputed by Government of India for true obligation abroad. 

Relatives voyaging abroad with their reliable status or official one. Nations with which India has functional Visa Exemption Agreement for holders of Official/Service Passports.

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Judges of the Supreme Court and high courts will presently need to illuminate the public authority about their unfamiliar visits, including the reason, term and wellspring of subsidizing. … I am aware of judges who travel at regular intervals, yet they don’t hold a conciliatory identification.” 

The political visa is given to Ugandan negotiators or the individuals who complete discretionary obligations and explicit individuals from the family like companions. The authority visa is given to high positioning government authorities. However, relatives are not qualified for the authority identification.

The CPV Division issues political and official travel papers to Indian Government authorities continuing abroad for true tasks/visits. 

Official international IDs are given with explicit legitimacy 5 years or less, contingent upon the situation of the holder and the idea of task/visit. 

The CPV Division additionally gives visa notes to Indian Government authorities traveling to another country for an authority task or visit. Solicitations for visa notes must be submitted as a letter addressed to the Joint Secretary (CPV) alongside supporting archives identified with the authority task/visit. 

In the event that the application structures for the Official identification and additionally the visa note demands are all together, the equivalent would typically be handled in 3-5 working days.

Official identifications are likewise given by RPOs concerned subject to leeway by CPV Division. 

Strategic international IDs in India are given to individuals with political status or who are voyaging abroad on true obligation for the Government of India. Conciliatory identification holders get a visa of Type D’, which has a maroon cover.

Who can get the official passport

a. All officials having a place with the Indian Foreign Services (Branch) sometimes voyaging abroad on true business. 

b. Chosen officials from Indian Foreign Services (Branch B) just as officials in the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and different Ministries voyaging abroad on true business as chosen by the Foreign Services Board in MEA. 

c. Spouse/Official Hostess/Husband/Dependent Son/Dependent Daughter/Dependent Parents of a qualified authority according when they are voyaging abroad with the authority and their reliant status is perceived by the Ministry*.

*Family individuals alluded to above may likewise be given a strategic identification for study or different purposes in an unexpected country in comparison to the one the authority is right now relegated to. These identifications must be given up when the authority’s task is ended or when he/she is presented back on base camp. 

a. Individuals having/being conceded political status as a result of his position or nature of the unfamiliar mission might be given a strategic identification by the Central Government. 

b. Life partner of an authority

Where to Apply For Passport? 

As a general rule, discretionary identification applications are acknowledged exclusively by the Consular, Passport and Visa Division (CVC) situated in New Delhi. You may likewise apply for something similar at the identification office where your current location falls in.

How to Apply?

If you satisfy the eligibility criteria as defined above and are approved by the Central Government for passport, you need to submit the following:

Form P-1

Form P-1(A)

2 photos with white background, pasted on 1st and 2nd pages and attested across by head of office

Political/PMO clearance

Copy of ID of applicant or head of office

Safe Custody Certificate if the ordinary passport is kept in the safe custody of applicant’s department

Existing Official passport in original

If official passport already cancelled under section PV-II, then cancellation certificate in original
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