Things You Should Know Before Visiting Northern Cyprus

Today, we are talking about North Cyprus. This blog will let you know everything. Well, visiting there is currently perfectly safe and a vast majority of visitors will experience no problems during their visit. In short, the political situation is quite tensed, but not violent.

Ercan is an air terminal in Northern Cyprus, serving the capital city Nicosia. There are no non-stop trips to Ercan from the UK. To arrive from anywhere in Europe, flights should initially land in territory Turkey, in spots like Istanbul, Anakara, Izmir, or Antalya, prior to proceeding with the flight to Ercan. The Cypriot capital Nicosia has a long and entrancing history and the city is renowned for its museums and old churches. Possibly because of the difficulty of getting there, Nicosia isn’t as vacationer-driven as a large number of the seashore resorts in Cyprus, which implies visitors can enjoy an authentic experience of this divided city. 

Reasons Why You Should Visit?

Northern Cyprus has many things to offer to its visitors. This place is home to the beautiful coastline with sandy beaches, gorgeous mountain regions, historical cities, picturesque mountain villages, and ancient ruins as well. Also, Hiking and trail running in North Cyprus are really famous.

Ercan Airport is ideal for visitors planning a trip to northern Cyprus, especially to the capital Nicosia, however being some unacceptable side of the UN buffer zone in the Turkish-controlled area of Northern Cyprus, the journey can turn out to be unnecessarily complicated. Plans to introduce non-stop flights to Ercan could make things a whole lot simpler in the future.

Best Time to Go? 

The climate in Cyprus is generally excellent consistent throughout the year, only falling to a normal low of around 17 degrees between December and February. Regardless, spring and autumn might be the best times to visit Cyprus when the climate is nearly guaranteed to be good. However, temperatures do not reach the scorching mid-40s of summer.

How to Arrive There?  

Discussions are in progress to permit planes from Britain to fly straightforwardly to Ercan Airport (ECN). Flights from London Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stansted with aircraft like BA, Turkish Airlines, and Pegasus Airlines, ordinarily fly to destinations like Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, or Antalya first. Looking to go around there? Just book british airways reservations online and save up to 40% off on every flight.

Note that, before the flight to Ercan brings you into the Turkish-controlled area of northern Cyprus. You may require a visa to cross from northern to southern Cyprus. 

Things You Should See 

Because of threats between the Greek Cypriot people group in the south of the city and the Turkish Cypriot people group in the north, a dividing buffer zone known as the ‘Green Line’ was acquainted with keeping them separated. The city in this manner has the qualification of being the world’s last divided capital, and the Green Line is a vacation spot in its own right. You can enjoy some fairly decent shopping in Nicosia, then, at that point visit for a shot of solid Cypriot coffee in a street cafĂ©. Different museums, historical centers, like the Cyprus Museum, exhibit some astonishing archeological finds from the island’s long history.


At the end of this blog, we can say that this travel guide lets you know everything that you should know going to Northern Cyprus. Hopefully, you enjoyed it while reading the above article. And it inspired you to visit there this upcoming vacation. So, just start planning for your next getaway and book a cheap flight ticket to Northern Cyprus only on AirlinesMap. So, why wait? Get your flight booking done and surprise your family or friends with a wonderful trip and start enjoying it over there. So, do not forget to share your own personal experience with us. So that, it will encourage other travelers to plan their getaway as you do.

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