5 tips to streamline the bill payments of your medical practice

The main reason most health professionals choose to set up a private setup is to serve and reach more people. In order to maintain a long- term sustainability of their practice and helping the community is the main reason for bringing up their own setup.

But in order to obtain a fruitful practice you need to keep a good balance between all the pillars of your practice. If you solely focus on the well-being of your clients above and over anything else, you will soon feel you’re struggling to keep your practice afloat.

According to a study conducted on physicians, financial stress was considered as their leading cause of depression.

“Without revenue a medical practice cannot earn a profit and stay operational” 

A medical practice while being a way to cure patients is also a business and must be profitable. If you earn good profits from it, it will reduce your stress and make your work more enjoyable for you. Here are some ways that’ll help you tackle bookkeeping services for doctors and provide you space to work on your business:

5 Tips to streamline your bill payments:

1. Accurately follow and gather your patient’s information:

Whether you are submitting your bills to your insurance provider or you are collecting your patient’s information. Having accurate information will prevent a lot of mistakes along the way.

To streamline all your financial processes make sure that you have a well-trained front desk staff. Have thorough and meticulous staff who can efficiently handle all your data. Digitize your process by replacing questionnaires with tables. So that all your client’s data can be recorded.

2. Choose powerful medical billing software:

Times have changed. People no longer use old methods such as excel or other manual systems. Upgrade to:

  • Medical billing software
  • Practice management

 These software can track your entire bill, automate late fees, and detect patients who have fallen back. These software will also benefit you in:

  • Custom invoice text. Invoices are brand able you can customize them as per your preference
  • Compiling client’s statement. At the click of a button you can send follow ups to your clients
  • Automating mails. You can mail your clients to settle their outstanding.
  • Custom popup. Adding custom popup when some patient with outstanding dues schedules a new appointment.

Using good software will increase your collection as well as save you a ton on your internal billing.

3. Follow the right mind-set

Billing needs to be a priority, you can’t shy away from it and hope it will take care of itself. Along with building a thriving practice and positive outcomes it is important to cater your accounting services for doctors.

Follow these 6 principles to empower your health practice

  • Minimal admin
  • Strong finance
  • Growth
  • Robust processes
  • Work/life balance
  • Positive client outcome

You’ll never be able to improve your medical billing practice if you don’t follow a proper mind-set. Make it a habit to follow these principles and stay persistent.

4. Offer various payment options

Try to make it as convenient for your patients. Consider different payment options for those patients who have a large outstanding and also for those who can’t pay the bill at once. Provide your patients with options such as deferral, invest-only payments, etc.

Creating the best possible patient experience will have a positive impact on your collecting and billing process. Offer credit card payments so that patients can settle and review their invoices.

Figure out what works best for you, because what matters the most is that the money comes in as quickly as possible.

5. Track and manage your outcomes

In order to gain some growth and improve your medical billing collection, it is important to manage your results. Make it a habit to review your monthly progress during the financial meetings to judge whether the methods you are following are working for you or not.

Having up-to-date information regarding your account will help you quickly settle any place that needs your attention.

Final word

Following these tips will help you streamline your medical billing and maintain the financial health of your business. These tips are based on all the information that is right for your practice. Try some of these to give your business’s revenue a boost. Above all, you will find yourself relaxed and hassle-free regarding your doctors’ accounting services.

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