Helpful Keyboards Shortcuts for QuickBooks Online

Helpful Keyboards Shortcuts for QuickBooks Online

The QuickBooks online keyboard shortcuts are key combinations that assist QBO users to execute their duties better. These keyboard shortcuts help workers and simplify the user experience of QBO, as well as speed up program navigation. 

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Why you should keyboard shortcuts?

Keyboard shortcuts may save your time while you work in QuickBooks. We are glad to provide QuickBook online keyboard shortcuts (QBO). Moreover, with QuickBooks Online you may utilize my one-click trick to create your own own ‘icon bar’ to access everything you use most often with one click. The shortcuts on the keyboard work in Chrome or Firefox.

In Internet Explorer (IE) the QBO keyboard shortcuts don’t work (at this time). QBO does not operate properly with IE 11, thus you should not use IE for QuickBooks Online.

In order to set up a QBO user in Chrome, We recommend utilizing Chrome with QuickBooks Online. You may use my one-click trick and delete the cache and cookies without damaging your surfing system.

 In this post, I explain and show you some keyboard shortcuts for QuickBooks Online.

Keyboards Shortcuts for  QuickBooks Online

Keyboard Shortcuts accelerate your QuickBooks online navigation and data entry, even if you are working in a browser.

1.To navigate from box to box, press the Tab key

2.To return again, use Shift+Tab

3.Tick the check box by pressing the space bar

4.To access a download list or popup calendar icon right of any date field, press Alt+down to open it.

QuickBooks Online keyboards Shortcuts for finding  text on the page

This shortcut works on every page and almost every browser. It’s a really strong tool. Just tap the ctrl + F and write it in the word or sentence you want. In the first appearance of the page, most browsers will automatically flicker you on.

 Then click Enter to navigate from instance to instance. This is very handy when searching a certain deal or consumer in a lengthy length

Shortcuts for QB Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop comes with scores of shortcuts from the box. A short selection of the most essential references is given below.

QuickBooks has a pretty smart mechanism to bounce around while navigating dates. To locate the start or end days, such as a week, month, or year, of a specific time period, just hit the first or last letter of that corresponding term. A guide here:

 1.Click on W if you want to go on the first day of the week.

 2.By pressing K you will get the last day of the week.

 3.For the first day of the month, press M

4.For the last day of the month, press H

5.Y for the first day of the year.

6.Press H for the last day of the year.

With QuickBooks Desktop shortcuts, editing different lists and forms is also easier.

  • To modify the transaction chosen in the register, use ctrl + E.
  • Ctrl + alt + Y will invoice the chosen line and ctrl + alt + V will insert the specified line into the invoice.
  • Use + and – moving one at a time.
  • Ctrl + A will open the Account Chart.
  • The Write Checks window will be opened by Ctrl + W.
  • Use tab for moving ahead a field in any list or form and tab+shift for moving back.

A number of bookkeeping shortcuts are also available, which you are able to utilize both in QBO and QBD.

 When you want to remove a big number of transactions, you may pick “delete” from the batch options menu. You will be able to delete a huge number of transactions in one falling swoop.

Finally, many jobs may generally be automated in the realm of bookkeeping. Use QuickBooks Online Advanced to automate any calculation or notification that you typically use on QuickBooks using the Workflow functionality.

Some More Keyboards Shortcuts

Browsing incognito/privately(incognito window)

You may utilize incognito mode, commonly known as private browsing, for one of the windows to open distinct windows for various firms. Depending on the browser you’re using, there are a few different ways to accomplish this.

  • Ctrl + Shift + N in Google Chrome
  • Ctrl + Shift + P on Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge
  • Command + Shift + N for Safari

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Table of keyboard Shortcuts

FunctionKeyboard Shortcut
Open the Expense windowCtrl+Alt+X
Open the Estimate windowCtrl+Alt+E
Open the Invoice Transaction windowCtrl+Alt+I
Open the Receive Payment windowCtrl+Alt+R
Display HelpCtrl+Alt+H
Display the Lists pageCtrl+Alt+L
Display the Customers pageCtrl+Alt+C
Display the Vendors pageCtrl+Alt+V
Display the Chart of Accounts pageCtrl+Alt+A
Display the Search Transactions pageCtrl+Alt+F
Display keyboard shortcutsCtrl+Alt+/
Print the transactionCtrl+Alt+P

Final Words

While QuickBooks Online is the best overall accounting software for small businesses, there are several methods to save time and to make your experience more effective.

 Certain elements, including the establishment of recurring transactions and the creation of the list of products and services, automate transactions, which are less important. 

Others, such as employing keyboard shortcuts, enable you to maintain hands-on your keyboard while transactions are being entered. Connecting your bank and credit card accounts with and using QuickBooks Online’s undeposited money function helps you reconcile your accounts, which are suggested periodically. Information on how many of these are performed

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