Excellent Gifting Ideas for Sisters this Rakhi

With every Rakhi and a sister to appease, it gets increasingly difficult to choose ‘the gift’ for the special occasion. Every time you gorge through shops and keep on looking for something perfect but let me tell you, girls are difficult to impress, be it your girlfriend or your sister. Here are some great ideas that will make you hit in this Rakhi. 

1.      Chocolates 

There is hardly any girl who doesn’t like chocolates, whatever may be their age. From newborn to 70s or 80s, you can impress sisters of every age with this age-old gift. Give your sister a chocolate gift hamper or an assorted box and see the precious smile that she gifts you. You can also try a customized chocolate box, where you will be writing a message or something else as an exclusive gift box. 

2.      Personalized gifts 

With the invention of digital prints on varied surfaces, personalized gifts are always a hit. Choose a nice photo of your togetherness with your sister and print it on soft cushions, cups, photo clocks, or on LED lights to see a smiling sister. There are other options as well for personalized gifts. Try engraving your sister’s name or other messages on things, such as the wooden night lamp, a fountain pen, kitchen chopper board, or a showpiece. You can also engrave it on a 3D light or a sipper bottle. Choose any other item that you can relate to her.

3.      Accessories 

Girls are always in high demand for accessories. They can never say no to one. A piece of jewelry, headpieces, multi-colored hair extensions, a belt, a pair of shoes, a tote bag, a multipurpose wallet, scarves, or personalized wrist watches – all these go well with the feminine gender. For jewelry, you can look for a locket hoisting a photo of you both or a wristlet with her name. If these ideas do not click much, accessorizing her bedroom, mobile phone, or the reading desk can be a few wise options. A pair of bookends, headsets can fall into this category.

4.      ‘Best sister’ printed items 

Personalized messages that show how much you adore her are bound to be loved. Cushions, coffee mugs are pretty popular gift items. Why not try a small alarm clock or her phone cover for this purpose. A reading lamp, a notebook, a photo frame, a music box are some ideas. You can also 

5.      A wall painting 

If you are done with framed photographs for the previous rachis, try a big wall painting this year. Paintings never fail to dazzle anybody. Get to know your sister’s style and choose from modern to vintage styles to adorn her bedroom wall. Paintings on deities like Ganesha Wall Painting and Buddha are a wise choice as Rakhi gifts. Framed, unframed, art panels, round canvases, you can pick any.

6.      Personalized makeup gift hamper 

This gift item will also not be a waste with girls. Know her likings, taste of brands, and the color palette that she uses, and get your sister a personalized makeup gift hamper. You can print her name or a message on the makeup pouch for that extra effect. Utility combo boxes can also do the purpose. 

Remember, not all girls love bright makeup tones. Few love the nude shades as well. 

7.      Rakhi photo cake – 

Cake having a digitally printed brother-sister duo is also a happening gift idea for this Rakhi. Go with the flow, choose a cake of your sister’s taste and ask the baker to digitally print your sibling love photo on top. Don’t want to get into large cakes, you can always go for cute little cupcakes and print your pictures on them. You can choose multiple photos and multiple cupcakes for this particular category. 

8.      Soft toys 

Girls and soft toys never get bored with each other. Choose from the wide variety of soft toys available in the market, especially for the occasion of Rakhi. You can get teddies that say ‘Happy Rakhi’ or cute pandas that say ‘little sis you are awesome.’ You can always choose the size of the soft toy according to your pocket size. 

Whatever may be the occasion is, never fail to choose the apt gift for the intended person. The priority should always be to make your loved ones happy. It can only be achieved when you are close to the person and know his/her choices. So, gift them from your heart, it will guide you the best!

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