Kraft Bags-The Future of Packaging Industry

If you ask me to name one type of packaging that is going to rule the future of the entire packaging industry, I would say kraft bags without a second thought. Kraft bags are not only the most practical solution to all the packaging needs, but also the most eco friendly one. And this is what makes them the most desirable packaging type in the future. A lot of damage has already been done to the planet through the increasing carbon footprints. Now it is the time to undo the damage, or at least put it to a halt. This can be done by coming back in terms with nature.

Kraft is an entirely nature based material made with the quality wood pulp. Hence it is the topmost choice for those looking for a natural substitute to the synthetic packaging materials. Here are just a few reasons to mention among many, why the kraft bags are ruling the packaging industry;

Kraft Bags are Available in Varying Strengths

Within  the genre of Kraft bags alone, the packaging companies are offering a huge variety of strength. You can choose the one according to your intended use of the kraft bags. They can be used for as many purposes as you may imagine. Custom printed Kraft bags with handles  are used to carry the grocery items. They can serve as great gift bags. Can be used to carry heavy equipment. It is because of this varied use that manufacturing companies are offering a variety of stock options in kraft. Most companies offer. 14 point stock. 24 point stock.

Besides, you can get your kraft bags strengthened at the crucial points where they will be bearing the most weight of the product. Hands additional strength is provided this way.

Kraft Bags are Highly Customizable

The degree of variation possible in the kraft bags is beyond your imagination. Ranging from the colour scheme to the material used in the handles and shape and size of the kraft bags, you can get them customized in innumerable ways.

You can stay with the classic vintage look of the craft bags, or you can go for the vibrant colours. You can dip them in the colours of sobriety or you can go for the funky dancing hues. It all depends on the demographics of your target audience and your own preferences. The kraft bags carry your logo in style. You can also get wholesale custom boxes with logo in the graphics particular to your brand. Kraft bags support both the offset and digital printing. Besides, these bags can be made into perfect gift carrying bags. They can be beautified with the decorative features like bows, ribbon, and flowers to make them presentable. 

Moreover, the Kraft bags support additional customization options like spot UV, embossing, debossing, foiling, and others. Hence you can make your bags more recognizable and easily identifiable by getting them customized. 

They are an Eco Friendly Option

Since the highest quality kraft bags do not involve any synthetic materials in their manufacturing and are dependent only on the natural materials, they are among the most eco friendly options available in packaging. Hence they are light on the planet and a great way to reduce the carbon footprints on earth. 

Besides, using kraft for your bags makes you into a reputable company which cares for the environment and wants to play its part towards a safer environment. It is a way of earning goodwill. Besides, it is a way of enhancing the profits because the learned customers today are turning towards the nature based materials instead of relying on the synthetic materials. 

They prefer to buy from the companies which offer their products in eco-friendly packaging. Hence with the kraft bags you can earn responsibly and also play your part in undoing the damage which has already been done to the planet. It helps in reducing the unmanageable and non biodegradable packaging waste, which is a great burden on the planet.

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