What Is the Role of Social Media In Sports Marketing?

What exactly does the number i.e 3.8 billion simply mean to you? In an umbrella of social media in sports marketing, it must mean a lot as this number shows how many individuals around the world utilize social media platforms on a regular basis.

On top of this, there are even more than 5.1 billion individuals who presently use just mobiles across the world. This is a number that steadily has jumped over the past years.

What exactly does this represent? The potential to reach out to the target groups is now more easily accessible than before.

A great opportunity to interact/connect with a massive number of individuals just through your fingertip has made the combination of sports marketing and social media a hand in hand pick.

Social media platforms today provide a good opportunity for the leagues & teams & athletes to connect seamlessly & engage with their adoring fan base at any time.

This has made social media platforms a crucial sports marketing tool for the sports industry.

Trends for Social Media in Sports Marketing

With the podiums like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & also YouTube entertaining the majority of peeps an average of nearly 142 minutes each day – with few of such folks being highly avid sports fans – the potential to leverage social media from the marketing point of view is massive.

Live to stream

Year after year, viewership of sports on the podium such as YouTube, Hulu & Amazon Prime have continued to increase.

At the same time, we are even viewing social media podiums like Twitter & Facebook partner up with the sports organization for broadcasting real-time linked sports content to give the social media what they are looking for – opportunities to watch the game more conveniently than before.

Live to tweet

In present times, individuals are turning towards Twitter for big occasions/events, particularly sports games.

To assist in quench the fans’ thirst, game updates needed to be put up in real-time and hence live-tweeting has become a very popular means for the broadcasters and teams to keep their target audience engaged.

If there is someone at work while their favourite team is still playing, they can easily follow the game along just by getting the Twitter notifications on their mobile device or computer – they do not have to miss out a minute of any action.

Augmented reality (AR)

Most probably one of the innovative or creative trends in social media marketing is the concept of AR as it is changing the way individuals relish sports in today’s time.

Besides its potential to assist influence on-field decision making for the officials, it even can be a strong tool for sports marketing.

Though it goes without saying that most of the sports linked events happen with various sponsorships behind them, businesses can even clean up the revenue-wise, may it be including the interactive marketing campaigns via the game.


Businesses such as Coca Cola, Nike, BMW & Red Bull have sunk in some really serious cash in advertising via eSports.

Owing to the increase in eSports popularity amongst the consumers, businesses now are investing in high-end professional gaming by sponsoring teams & events & are also endorsing the popular eSports teams & athletes to influence hundreds of people around the globe that tune into the eSports event.

Social Media Tips for Sports Marketing Success:

With several organizations & media outlets using social media to propel the attention of their audience, how exactly can a brand, marketer & sports organization leverage social media in the most innovative way for setting themselves apart from the drive & competition?

Aligning with the causes

Throughout the sports arena, athletes have been using their salaries & likeness to give the most to their community – whether it is by working with the kids or assisting to clean up the environment or other moves.

Most renowned names such as Michael Phelps & Russell Williams both have aligned with the supporting charities that assist the kid in acute need with the former called Michael Phelps Foundation and the latter called Why Not You Foundation.

Note that the charitable efforts do not end here – other sportspeople or athletes even have been donating their earned money & time to various causes.

Pro footballer named Neymar not just led the charitable cause to fight against the drastic disease Ebola but he is even cleaning up the water of Brazil.

The Most popular and most charitable sportsperson today is Serena Willian who is supporting 13 charities & various causes involving at-risk youth, gender equality, women’s health & poverty etc.

Inclusion of athletes in the campaign

The connection between digital marketing & sports for sure is undeniable. When such efforts are performed correctly, the sports marketing campaigns get the potential to attract their sports fans.

Today brands are utilizing promotions & sponsorships through social media to assist transform the manner audiences view the brand. This helps in building brand loyalty.

Invest in the women’s sports

Though women’s sports popularity has trailed behind men’s sports, the past few years have definitely brought both of them in tune.

To be precise, there are studies that continue to show that sports fans presently are enjoying women’s sports.

A few of the most identifiable & highly recognizable names in the sports world are Ronda Rousey, Serena Williams & Lindsey Vonn.

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