How to Draw a Fashion Design Sketch Step by Step!

Hey, did you recently look at Emma Watson in her spellbinding glamorous look?

How about Amal Clooney moving a simple product top in the most expensive and trendsetting way ever of fashion design sketch? Of course, how can you miss hip-hop star icon Kanye West? Her attires were always exquisite and frank was enough to turn women’s heads over heels. Fashion management in a nutshell explains growth. Trends are constantly changing and how do you want you to always stay in popularity and style the most important personality in the world, right?

Honestly, no backbreaking job! My career in fashion design sketch is quite flourishing. What you should master is the art of creating incredible fashion sketches …. which is basic! I can’t imagine the kick-start of any adventure without sketching the 3d drawing ideas that are always popping in my head. Honestly, that’s what most fashion designers do or I might say, all fashion designers do – a good sketch before sending it to the big gun for approval.

So, how do fashion design sketch look?

Have you seen looking at any fashion design sketch before? The croquis (French for a small sketch) is nowhere near the real thing. Don’t be surprised if you see a sketch where the hand model or croquis has lengthened legs or is sleeker than the normal neck. The whole goal is to pen down and describe the ideas springing into your head.

How to get started with fashion design sketch?

I remember bugging my instructor with queries like what is the perfect tool to use when drawing roughly written fashion sketches?

Well not too funny actually. Learning about the right types of accessories when describing your thoughts plays a pivotal role. I suggest, always go for hard lead pencils.

Starting as newcomers is never a cakewalk. Using pen, ink, paint, or colored markers is okay once you are a master at your trade.

LED pencils, HB in particular are safe because they make very good marks and can be erased at any point in time. So, when you’re not too impressed with the outcome, wipe your boards clear and start without wasting a sheet!

Now, the model you created should spell out the pose. Whether it is a bent pose or the standard runway standing posture, your sketch must show one. Wondering why? Well, it’s both acknowledged and gives your design aside. Once your croquis is perfected and the basic description of your fashion design sketch is done, get started with the detailed works. For example, is there a particular color in your mind? Want to add some ruffles, pleats, sequins, or other trending designs? Just make sure every piece of cool drawing idea in your head is right there on your sketch sheet.

Star designers, top fashion labels – where do refreshing new ideas come from?

Michael Kors, Donatella Versace, Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, or Coco Chanel – these expert people are brands in themselves. These are their designs that imply haute couture and make a killing impression every time a model walks up the ramp cladded head-to-toe in one of their exclusive and majestic designs.

As a greenhorn, I always wonder – where do these fantastic ideas come from? After many years of experience in this constantly changing fashion runway industry, simply say that behind every new collection or couture lining, there is always an inspiration.

Do you remember the clothing label that Michael Kors announced at this year’s latest fashion weekly? Well, stretchy bodysuits paired with oversized winter jackets and voguish sweaters. Certainly a typical 1980s style, Kors has made a clothing line more homage to Broadway dancers in the past. See, it’s inspiring. You can have a fantastic idea after reading a book. As long as you chase inspiration, fix one and start creating masterpieces based on the same, ideas will naturally flow. You try!

Some of the cool fashion design sketch that made it massive this time!

  • Nirvana – a label that turns you on a road trip to the distant Pacific Coast. Very striking and incredibly casual.
  • Gilles Mendel Tropical Slit How can one not get charmed with this body-hugging flowy side-slit design? Awesome but shaping the fashion quotient to a whole new level.
  • The Tiffany Trip – Contemporary but a powerful combo of elegance and modern-day trends.
  • Vibrant Prints – When a sketch bans you big time, there’s no doubt that the fashion design sketch should be spellbinding. Rebecca Minkoff with her terrific vibrant print style styles took me to brilliant tropical beaches straight away.

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