Will custom pillow soap boxes be the best option for your business?

Soap is the best and fastest cleaning agent used for various purposes. It is used to moisturize your face, clean, remove dirt, and kill germs. Although all people buy soap according to their needs, packaging plays a vital role in the customer buying decision. In this regard, most soap suppliers use pillow-shaped soap packaging boxes to pack them. Let’s see if pillow soap boxes are best for your brands or not. 

Make your brand recognizable in the industry 

Printed pillow-shaped boxes are best to provide recognition to your brand in the clusters of competitors. Such boxes have a lot of printing options that are necessary for any kind of retail soap packaging to talk with your customers. Here is the list of points that are printed on printed soap pillow boxes. 

  • Placing logo 
  • Brand name 
  • Product specification 
  • Barcode 
  • Brand origination date 
  • Precautions
  • Flavors 

Plus, these boxes provide an option to choose the best typography and font style that make your brand distinct from the rest of the brands.  Add to this; you can use foil of various colors to make the text prominent on the box. 

Custom Pillow soap boxes- easy to carry 

The next benefit of pillow soap boxes is that they are easy to handle and do not create any mess. The awesome curved die-cut pillow-shaped boxes are very convenient to hold in your hands. Plus, it has a strong locking system from both the bottom and top sides of the box.

 Sometimes we see the soap bars with sleeves, but it becomes messy and slippery in high temperatures when you pick soap in your hand. On the other hand, pillow-shaped boxes completely cover the soap bar and protect them from de-shaping and melting. So, custom pillow soap boxes with pillow-shaped are not the wrong choice for your brand. 

Print in any graphic designs 

Such boxes are easily printed in any graphic design that you want for your packaging. Just one thing matters a lot: the engaging power of printing design is a prowess to increase the buyers. Most brands used the enlisting design patterns on custom soap boxes that are enlisting below for you. 

  • Floral patterns 
  • Bold design 
  • Holographic design 
  • Intricate lines 
  • Narrative design
  • Marbling designs 

Kraft pillow soap boxes- An eco-friendly solution

As you know, you can use any kind of cardstock for these soap boxes. Therefore, you can use Kraft boxes without any hesitation. Kraft is biodegradable and eco-friendly cardstock. Plus, the majority of the packaging designs prefer Kraft material because it absorbs moisture and has tear resistance capability. If you make Kraft soap boxes pillow-shaped and print only brand names on the box, it is still enough to grasp your audiences’ attraction. So, be minimal and nature-friendly with Kraft cardstock. 

Sleek designs to fetching more clients

Custom printed soap boxes with the pillow shape are highly engrossing for your beholders and potential customers. Therefore, it is the best option to build your brand recognition and awareness in the market and hearts of people. Plus, the sleek and decent design of soap packaging provides the best user experience to open boxes easily. So, enjoy the brand reputation that you gather by using pillow soap boxes. 

Sum up a discussion:

The crux of the whole above discussion is to know whether custom pillow soap boxes are best for your products and business or not. Add to this; the above discussion concluded that pillow shapes boxes are best for your brand and play a vital contribution to make your soap bars engaging and enchanting. 

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