How to get an employment visa in 2021

Singapore is known to have one of the best economies have just in Asia but in the world. It also offers the easiest employment visa applications. Its economy is founded on the different businesses that are present here. These businesses operate in Singapore because of the friendly policies that they implement. In 2020, it was even named as the most business-friendly country in the world. 

In addition, does also named as the third most corrupt-free country last year. These factors make it an even more attractive candidate for businesses. The existence of these businesses requires a large workforce. However, the Singaporean population cannot meet this demand.

Therefore Singapore allows foreigners to work here. They provide visas such as the Singapore employment pass, S pass, Entrepass, and work permit. These kinds of employment visa allow a foreign national to legally work and any Singaporean company.

Individuals who are Singapore employment pass or S pass holders can enjoy the benefits and advantages of working in Singapore. Many foreign nationals are interested in working in Singapore because of these benefits. If you are interested we will talk about how to get an employment visa in 2021.


The eligibility of an individual would depend on the employment we said that they are applying for. However, the general requirement is to be of legal age or at least 18 years old when you want to apply for an employment visa. 

All foreign nationalities are welcome to Singapore as long as they meet certain qualifications. Below is the list of requirements or criteria that you have to meet depending on the work visa you want to achieve.

Singapore employment pass

The Singapore employment pass is intended for working professionals so the eligibility or requirements are quite high. The first requirement is to have a job offer from any Singaporean registered company. This job offer should be on the level of managerial or executive. Specialized job descriptions can also be accepted as long as it is at the level of the two mentioned. 

The interested individuals should have a university degree that is relevant to the job that they are applying for. A minimum qualifying salary of 4500 is also required To be eligible for The Singapore employment pass. 

Older candidates should present more contentious and experience to be issued the Singapore employment pass. They should also have a higher minimum qualifying salary on the date of the application. 

S pass

If the Singapore employment pass is for professionals the S pass is intended for mid-skilled laborers. The pool of mid-skilled workers includes bartenders taxi and bus drivers flight attendants and waiters. 

Just like the Singapore employment pass the individual should have a job offer from any legally registered Singapore company. They should also be a passport holder of the country of origin. This passport should be valid for at least 6 months when they apply for the S pass.

When you want to play for the S pass a good university diploma is required. However, Singapore accepts technical and training certificates as long as they are relevant to the job. These certificates should be equivalent to a one-year academic study. 

The additional requirement would be the minimum qualifying salary of $2,500 monthly. Just like the Singapore employment pass other candidates should have more experience in the higher monthly salary.

Personalised employment pass

This work visa Is considered to be an upgraded Singapore employment pass. You can acquire This through two options. The first option is to be a Singapore employment pass holder on the date of your application.

You can upgrade the employment pass to a personalised employment pass to gain more benefits and advantages. The employment pass holder can qualify for this if they are earning at least $12,000 monthly while working in Singapore.

The other option is for foreign individuals who are still currently working overseas. These individuals can apply for the personalized employment pass if they are earning at least $18,000 monthly. 

The general requirements of being at least 18 years old and a passport holder also apply to this employment visa. 

Work permit

The requirements for the work permit would depend on the sector that you want to work in. The sector under this work visa is manufacturing construction marine shipyard services in processing.

Unskilled to semi-skilled workers can apply for this employment visa. These individuals can only apply if their local sponsor company meets the qualifications for the sector that they are in. 


There is also a visa that fit business owners that want to register their company in Singapore. The Entrepass would allow these owners to work and conduct business activities in Singapore. 

Aside from the general requirements, the standard for applying for this visa is focused on the qualifications of the business. Businesses that are venture-backed and have technological innovations are qualified for this pass.

The business owner should be able to present supporting documents when they apply for this visa. The business must not be incorporated for more than six months on the date of the owner’s application. Candidates are also given the option to start registering their company once the visa is issued. 

How to apply

The application for the Singapore employment pass S pass work permit and Entrepass are similar. It can be processed by a local company or a third-party agency. 

If the local company has a Singaporean office the application would only take around three weeks to be accomplished. However overseas companies would have to find a representative company that has a Singaporean office. This kind of application would usually stretch out for about 8 weeks to be accomplished. 

One of the benefits of applying in acquiring the personalized employment pass is that you can apply directly to the ministry of manpower. It also doesn’t require individuals to apply for a new work visa if they want to change employers or jobs. 

Get your visa today

Working in Singapore presents many benefits and advantages to all individuals. That is why it is highly advisable to apply for an employment visa and work in Singapore. You can contact Renai Group today to know more about our services. 

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