eCommerce website development with plugins

WordPress makes for a great content management system through eCommerce website development. In addition to being the best place to start your own website for free, it also has a couple of nifty features you can use to optimize that said website and make your workflow that much easier.

However, at its core, it’s still just a simple framework to build your site around. If you want to pull out all the stops and fully customize its functions, you’ll need the help of plugins, which are small extensions that go a long way to meet your needs. 

When there are so many plugins to choose from – especially the complex ones used in eCommerce website development – where do you start? Read on to find out more about the four best plugins you can use.

Contact Form 7

In order to retain customers, you first need to get them. To get them, you need a way to reach them. Contact Form 7 is a WordPress plugin that lets you retain your customers’ contact information and phone numbers for easy access. If you need them to send updates and promotions, they’re right there for you to find.

So many company websites tend to overlook this little factor, but getting contact information and sorting it is a big part of eCommerce website development. Digital marketing agency Singapore companies know this is a key strategy, and it should be a key strategy in your business, too.

Not only does Contact Form 7 have easy customizations that you can tweak around to your liking, but it also has spam filtering and CAPTCHA to ensure the safety of your website. On top of that, it’s free to use!

Pretty Links

Let’s face it: affiliate links aren’t the prettiest to look at. They take up too much space, and in some cases can even ruin an otherwise great website. In fact, every digital marketing agency Singapore has seen flourish also knows how hard it is to deal with them, especially when it comes to product placement.

A neat little trick used in eCommerce website development is integrating the ads into the layout and the content itself, but this can get a little dicey if you don’t have the know-how. Pretty Links takes care of this for you.

Pretty Links is a great plugin that lets you “cloak” links using your own site and domain name. It also includes auto-linking to specific keywords that you want to boost your SEO ratings, as well as a years’ worth of support complete with updates and different plans for you to choose from. 


When you’re working with a good digital marketing agency Singapore has to offer, or even when you’re working in-house towards eCommerce website development, the topic of analytics has come up more than once. 

“Analytics” basically refers to the stats and numbers that your website is driving, which correspond with traffic, subscribers, and even overall engagement and revenue. What makes it a headache is keeping track of all these numbers, and that’s what MonsterInsights does.

MonsterInsights lets you connect your website with Google Analytics and see exactly how people find and use your website, as well as which pages or types of content receive the most engagement. 

On top of that, it lets you view the most important stats on your WordPress dashboard for easy access. It also tracks it in real-time, which a digital marketing agency Singapore knows is vital to maintain smooth business operations.


User engagement is key in the world of eCommerce website development, and a good part of it lies in visual design. The best way to increase that user engagement is with an amazing custom layout for your website. When you’re short on time and budget, SeedProd can give you a professional-looking custom layout within minutes.

SeedProd has over 100 custom templates for you to choose from, and if you want to make your layout yourself, SeedProd lets you do that completely from scratch using their drag and drop page builder, and without any coding experience needed.

Kickstart your business today!

These days, it’s not enough to just make the platform for your business and call it a day. Even with the right tools, it can still be frustrating to navigate and manage your website – and your business. 

However, there’s no need to be overwhelmed with choosing the right digital marketing agency Singapore entity for your business needs. We at Digital Solutions are here to give you the best possible options for your business. You can check out our website today to know more.

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